Memoirs and Autobiographies


A memoir is most commonly a book or series of articles about yourself and your recollections about a specific time period, event or theme within your life. Memoirs tend to include both specific details about the topic as well as a broad perspective on how this changed, influenced or enhanced your life or life experiences.

Memoirs are not as comprehensive as autobiographies, which are more of a whole life narrative. Writing a memoir allows you to focus in on specific messages that you want to get across to your readers. You can provide the level of detail that you want without having to give your entire life history and background.

Memoirs are a wonderful way to leave a lasting message for those that follow. Your memoirs can be about your personal life, an important relationship, your education, childhood, a particular challenge you faced or even about your professional life.

The information that you add to your memoir is usually very personal and involves sharing your thoughts both at the time of the incident or event as well as now in reflection. This provides a very interesting contrast or comparison as well as highlights why this issue or event is so important in your life.

Memoirs typically are factually accurate with regards to specific information, however the author has some leeway or freedom in recalling and recounting the thoughts and emotions that occurred around the subject matter. Diaries, journals and letters can be insightful to help to recapture the emotions and thoughts you were having during these life events.


Autobiographies, like memoirs, are written to tell your own life story. However, in general terms, autobiographies tend to be more comprehensive and address your entire life. This doesn’t mean you have to spend equal time on all aspects of your life, but it will provide readers with at least a thumbnail sketch of your experiences from birth to present.

An autobiography is not as easy to write as it sounds. It can be challenging to decide what to include, how much detail to provide and what the overall message conveyed in the writing should be. Our team is here to help you organize the relevant messages and information you want to tell others about your life. We know the questions to ask to ensure that your final book is comprehensive and completed in the style that gives readers a deeper understanding of you as a person.

Writing an autobiography is more than just a history lesson that can be passed down for generations to come. Writing about yourself gives you an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments you have made in your life as well as the incredible people that have been there for you through thick and thin. An autobiography is a decidedly personal writing experience and one we will be happy to assist you to complete.


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