Journals and Diaries

Journals and diaries provide a wealth of insight into the writer’s thoughts, emotions and attitudes towards people, events and aspects of their life. Converting your own journal or diary into a memoir or using the document as it stands is a wonderful way to allow others to glimpse into your thoughts in a way that is very personal and meaningful.

One of the most overlooked aspects of writing a journal or a diary is that it literally becomes a novel about your life. This is true if you started writing when you were in school or if you started writing when you retired. The more specific and comprehensive you were in your journal or diary, the more insight the reader will gain.

Charting Milestones In Life

Not all diary and journal writers are daily writers, and that is completely acceptable. Many journals, logs or diaries only feature the most meaningful events or challenges that the writer encounters. Typically life cycle events such as first loves, engagements, breakups, weddings, births, deaths or major challenges and triumphs form the bulk of the information contained in a diary.

These are literally the milestones in your life and those that formed a lasting impression. However, your diary may also include the challenges that you faced, the conflicts that you resolved or did not settle, as well as the struggles that you faced in making important decisions in your life.

This is fascinating stuff to read about for anyone. We all face these issues in our lives and we long to know how others worked through the problems, and how the issues were resolved. As humans, we also need to know that we are not alone in our thoughts and problems, and we have the ability to solve the issues in ways that make us stronger and better people.

Making A Story

Diaries and journals, apart of memoirs and autobiographies, are not designed to be factually accurate and correct. Rather, they are designed to allow us to express our own thoughts and emotions about real events in our lives.

They create the perfect material for a meaningful, personalised look into a life without the need for a lot of research and fact checking. They tell a story about our lives, a story that is from our own impressions, ideas and perspectives. They are by far the most revealing writing that most people will ever do and, when published, they create a true picture of our lives that is not often told in other forms.

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