A Book of Spells for a Witch?

Regrettably I am not permitted to show the actual spellbook – sorry!

A Spell Book – that’s right.  Not an easy project. The number of spells is sufficient, but how to put them together to create an orderly and easily read book? Spellbooks are available in several forms. There are the cute approaches such as How To turn My Boyfriend into a Toad. There are also spell books looking at specific types of spells and dividing the chapters accordingly e.g. spells on love, making money, good luck, etc. Some spell books are for amateurs; others look at methods used by various Pagan groups.

The challenge was to create a simple but interesting spell book, but the interest of the author in history and mythology made the choice simple. The selected format was a simple one – a spell book formed around the days of the week. The proposed title Spelling The Days Away is succinct, and it tells the reader exactly what the book is about.

The first suggestion was to create and include an introductory chapter on the history behind the concept of a “week”, together with a brief explanation of what spells are and how they work. After this, the work could flow more easily, with each chapter focusing on a specific day. This created a simple division for both the writer and the reader.

In the completed work, each chapter looked at the history, astrology and mythology behind the day of the week. Sunday, for example, is named after the Sun. Monday is from the Moon and Wednesday is from Odin (Woden). Sayings about the specific days, pertinent deities, astrological signs, associated festivals as well as an odd bit of poetry provide the backdrop for the actual spells.

For each day the authors listed the specific correspondents e.g. moon phase, elements, gemstones, numbers, animals, plants and other related items required to “pump-up” the ability of the spell to be effective. The spells, themselves, were geared to be performed on a certain day of the week. Instructions were provided, but obviously, some spells require more elaborate preparation than others do.

In all, this project had all the basic material, and the work required some creativitiy and organization, plus of course basic editing, to create a very readable and viable book.

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